Mark Schlichting

Mark Schlichting is a passionate promoter for play. From the time he was young, Mark loved telling stories, drawing pictures, and wanted to play inside the pages of picture books. 

He grew up to become a pioneer of the multimedia industry, an expert in children's interactive design, and is probably best known as the creator of Brøderbund's Living Books CD-ROM series. He has created and consulted on many award winning designs, from children's storybooks to interactive apps.


In 2000 Mark founded NoodleWorks Interactive, a creative consulting and production company specializing in innovative design for children. In November 2011, NoodleWorks released its' first iPad app, a word toy called Noodle Words. His own multilingual storybook, Harry and The Haunted House, was re-released as a Wanderful interactive storybook app in October of 2012, and the print version of his book was re-released in October of 2015.