ISBN-13: 978-0367075255
$79.95   412, illustrated color pgs
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Date: 09/11/2019
Understanding Kids, Play, and
Interactive Design

How To Create Games Children Love

Mark Schlichting

A comprehensive and entertaining guide to creating highly engaging interactive experiences for children. Meant as a starter guide for young designers or as a fresh approach for experienced ones, the book covers:

    • the nature of play and how to recognize and support its presence
    • the use of innate play patterns as a unifying design principle
    • over 30 natural play patterns with applied examples in games and toys
    • how to apply learning theories for optimum engagement
    • the importance of children's ages and developmental stages
    • animation tips and tricks for getting and holding attention
    • how to use surprise to keep games alive and interesting

"Fortunately for us, Mark Schlichting has created this marvelous book. By understanding and thoughtfully explaining what children do in the Kingdom of Play, and how and why they do it, Mark has provided a wonderful resource to those of us who would create fresh, invigorating playthings."

          —Jesse Schell, CEO, Shell Games, Distinguished Professor of the
Practice of Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Mellon University

Harry and the Haunted House

Mark Schlichting

Meet Harry D. Rabbit and his friends as they go on a spooky adventure. When they cautiously explore a "haunted" house to retrieve a lost baseball, they have several hair-raising experiences, and in the end learn something about themselves. This is a great book for Halloween.

ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-0-9969185-0-3
Pages: 26 fully illustrated pages
Publisher: Let's Play Press
Publication Date: 10/25/2015

The Companion App


Harry and the Haunted House
Comes to Life!


Developed from the original award-winning Living Books collection, these engaging storybook Apps are insanely fun, interactive, and timeless.


You can explore a highly animated and interactive version of Harry and the Haunted House. The story comes with hundreds of active hot spots and in multiple languages.


Available for Apple iOS, Mac OS, Android, and Windows.